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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  August 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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just after 6:00 on august 18th, you're looking live at the inner harbor as you can see from the lens it is a wet morning out there. we're tracking all the rain falling through our area, sharon has word on some of the problems on the road. let's start with marty. >> i do this all the time with my phone. let me tell you how to do this, i'll tell you what, come on back here just one second. what you do on your pda you go to our website, you click on the radar, bookmark that, that way you go to your bookmarks, boom, first warning doppler weather radar through the day it is going to be raining. it's going to be raining heavy at times for the most part we're going to see temperatures
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primarily hanging in the mid- 70s. keep your good shows in the car .
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sharon, thank you, here is what people will be talking about today. today a maryland profession is killed. it happened near town -- live andrea has more on the professor's impact at stephen son university. >> good morning everyone. classes begin next week for many returning faculty administrators and students, a familiar face will be missed. 47-year-old dr. suzanne slattery profession tore sand chair of the university math department was killed in a car
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crash monday while driving back to maryland. she was in ohio visiting family when police say a tractor- trailer rear ended her ford focus along with a half dozen other cars and trucks. only slattery and her two sons were injured. >> community is heart broken. 's a professional loss. it's a personal loss. she was very well liked and very well respected by so many of us. >> reporter: her sons who attend saint josephs and 16- year-old both are in critical condition. at stephen son students are calling the schools asking if the rumors they're hearing are true. >> when something happens, they're -- everybody is kind of affected by it. so to hear that faculty member passed away it really hits home because -- that's a very special person. >> it's a real loss for all of us. >> reporter: in her neighborhood she was known for her escaping and the active
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role she played in her church. >> i hope they'll be able to get them back here. >> reporter: now her husband and stepdaughter were not with her and the two boys in ohio but now they are traveling there to be with them. jessica, back to you. the car crash is still under investigation charges may be filed against the truck driver. this morning we're learning three people are behind bars accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. police say 24-year-old devon perly raped her. they're all accused of pulling her into a back room on saturday night. all three have been charged as adults. in the race for walter moore state's attorney challenger greg bernstein is apparently gaining traction. they announced it's nearly $218,000. the campaign has not yet revealed how much money it's
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raised. the led line from maryland campaign finance reports was yesterday. less than three months you, the voters, will decide who will be the next governor of maryland. the way you get from point a to point b seems to be taking center stage. here are your thoughts on transportation could influence this race. >> reporter: how to best spend your tax dollars, billions of them and where they'll be spent. both incumbent democratic governor and republican challenger have traded bashes over transportation that started with the massive mark mass heat related equipment failures that left angry riders stranded for hours. >> what are we to do, we have no choice. >> the two clashed again about -- as he pushes for mass transit including purple line connecting the red line through walter moore. >> i believe there's a amount
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of land in our state because we're already pretty developed, what we need to do is focus on mobility within our urban centers which means in and around, inside the beltways and inside the city of baltimore. >> reporter: he wants to combine the lines they will cost $3 billion. >> my chosen root with regard to both is rapid bus. >> reporter: he says the cash that saves will go to better uses fixing the -- i will tell people this is what we can afford, this is unaffordable. >> reporter: construction is underway now championed by to mali. another very expensive project under discussion is expansion of interstate 270. >> i never have. >> it seems as though the infrastructure was built for the rich and upper middle class
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without considering the majority of people who -- and. >> reporter: for raising the gas tax to pay for all these transportation projects you are lick has not said definitively know. however he says he has no plans to raise t the gas tax. reporting from penn station. to mali says his administration booth you are lick says the money isn't there for these big manslaughter transit projects. firefighter jets rattle seattle. president obama was headed to washington state yesterday when a float plane came too close for comfort. fighter jets were dispatched from portland oregon and caused two sonic booms. the float plane landed just before jets arrived. the pilot claims he did not know air force 1 was there. dramatic video out of argentina where the wing comes off the plane during an air show. as you can see the plane loses
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its wing. the pilot quickly deployed his parachute. he was not harmed. a man who has become one of baseball's iconic home runs has died. we're talking about bobby thompson who hit this shot heard around the world. thompson's homer won it. he talked about the moment saying he was so excited an nervous. he never realized there was a new pitcher on the mound. >> i was getting a glimpse of it and jumping on it and often say, you were lucky to hit that ball. then it disappeared in the lower stands and from that point on it was excitement i hadn't experienced before. he died monday night at the
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age of 86 after battling bad health for several years. he was three time all star infielder and out fielder before retiring. the orioles go for their second straight win against seattle but come up empty handed. allowing one run and eight winnings. seattle starter pitched brillianly given up no runs. the mariners back um left -- given the -- giving the team 4- 0 win. in just hours we -- to the field, the 40-year-old says the press conference is to the vehicling. various media reports this morning are speculating that fog will return to play despite a banged up angle. this will be his 20th nfl season. james, i want to show you something here. let me show you something here. i'm going to show you a headline about brett favre in
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the new york post. this is great. you got that right there. this says it all. drama queen favre taking stage again. drama queen favre. >> i would imagine it's incredibly hard to give that up, to retire. >> that i don't disagree with you, but come on, you know when all this talk started back in early august and everybody was is he going to do this or that, there was more discussion on brett favre than the legitimate new stories of the day. radio put on his facebook page, i'll sum it up for you, it's only august 3rd. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] i'll sum it up in brett
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favre going to play again? you think, doc. >> we have people in this billing that have retired and then resurrected. >> nothing like this. y'alls workplace, this is -- >> it's identity maybe, i don't know. >> let's take a look at this graphic in the first warning doppler. we've got -- let know know if they're playing the ravens in the super bowl then i'll pay attention. how is that raven nation, you give a round of applause for that one. we've got the tropical low that's cruising over the area. it's the remnants of what was tropical depression no. 5. it's moving along and draped right over our area. we have a flood watch in effect now -- it went into effect at 6:00 now through maybe
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midnight. let's see conversation is vacant. it may be expanded out just a bit. 80 degrees going to be the high, take a look at doppler weather radar, yep, soak and rain almost everywhere -- will be before not too long. it's you right now. >> that looks good. where are we. >> we are in -- it is owens mill. this is some of the stuff they serve. do you like free food? >> oh, that looks good. >> if you come in and give us some school supplies, we're going to talk -- ,,,,,,
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marry is busy over in the first warning center. >> let's take a look at first warning doppler. in fact we've got shower activity. every once in a while you may see a light thunder shower. double digits of rain expected.
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right now it's 70. 96% humidity. the barometer is at 3:05. temperatures essentially other than every once in a while 76 fax river, 77 ocean city. 68 in cumberland temperatures sellly in the low 70s at this time. 70 to 72 degrees at this point. so we've got this tropical moisture moving our way. it's going to be the perfect conduit. we've got to moisture. eventually high pressure is going to build in. that's going to set us up for a nice weekend. this day 80 is a high, periods of heavy rain. nothing severe expected. evening rain then we go cloudy 64 over night. slow clear out tomorrow. i think by tomorrow evening, beautiful sun set. friday, sat, sunday, gorgeous. 91, 86 degrees just take it
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away. sharon marry just mentioned on i-85 sop problems moving up along the road. >> absolutely.
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good morning, how are we today? >> reporter: i'm well, how are you guys? >> great. >> reporter: it's raining and that's my weather report. but that's not why you came to me. we have the chick fillet over there. does that make sense. >> owens bill boulevard. >> that's where we are. >> reporter: there is a new chain restaurant a chain of one that is run by local fellows.
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>> reporter: according to to jeff it's the third of 300 and starting in baltimore. >> we're going to be approved soon and we're going to be everyone. >> you heard it here first. the concept is pretty cool. the food is -- that's kind of what you do. it's not terribly expensive at all. it is fast food. the reason we're here today is because they wanted to explain
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if you bring in school supplies, what happens? >> if your child brings in school supply, you will get a for free kids meal from our community. we're just being school supply. they had a local shelter too. i thought he was coming in, bring him in. >> the kids meal is what kids want, chicken tenders and some fries. the adults are going to go for the -- what are those things over there .
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>> take it easy, mike, well done. the story -- the first of 300 it starts in baltimore. kind of interesting. >> now my stomach is growling. all right. we'll be right back.
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>> it is. >> i thought it is.
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let's go to first warning doppler weather radar, we need to go down, this can affect a lot of you making the commute down toward dc this day over
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the past hour inch half rain is already falling. and because of that, there is is a flood warning in effect until 10:15 for montgomery county and prince georgia county. i don't think this is the last one of these notices we see around the area this day. >> thank you, coming up in our next half hour -- than any other breed in this city. what are city leaders doing to protect them. >> reporter: a week before classes started steven son university a beloved and well- known professor is killed. that story just ahead. he was convicted of only one of 24 chargers. why his legal charges are not over yet. that story coming up.
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coming up at 645. you've got a kid going to college or are you going to college. what's the hot stuff? how about lojac for your computer you stay tuned we've got some really cool stuff to show you. as the morning edition continues right after this. ♪
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welcome back. it's exactly 6:30. a rainy start to your wednesday morning. we have weather and traffic together. sharon will have the latest on your commute to work. marty is keeping busy. we've got real busy here, a flood warning in effect from montgomery county maryland. keep in mind, there's baltimore washington is a metroplex, there is enough people commuting back and forth each day, it's like dallas fort worth. sharon is going to be talking about this commute, you're going to see some serious rain impacting that commute. now here locally, i mean, we've
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got a ton of moisture around. this is going to be flat out wet day. take a look, couple of inches of rain coming our way. temps in the mid-70s primarily through the mid-70s in this day. i just can't imagine this getting here. the big story is the rain not the temperature for summer. marty. thank you. let's check in with sharon with wjz traffic control.
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he tried to sell president obama's old senate seat. the former governor was already under investigation when f.b.i. wiretaps captured this phone
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conversation. >> and parachute me there. >> just one hold out prevented the panel from convicting -- >> some -- >> legal experts say the 11-1 jury count could go well for prosecutors next time around. in washington whit johnson. he says he's already planning an appeal of single conviction of lying to the f.b.i. about whether he knew who his campaign owners were. over night hundreds of mourners honoring the late senator ted stevens. after yesterday's public viewing, he was placed in a heard and driven. stevens died last week in a plane crash along with four others. now an update on the breaking news, several roads were shutdown due to a possible
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propane leak. the airport's fire and rescue department reported an odor coming from a facility that services small private plain planes. everything is running on schedule this morning. a heartbreaking loss at steven son university. a professor is killed. it happened near township just south of cleveland. wjz is live. andrea has more on the professors lasting legacy, good morning, andrea. >> good morning to everyone. >> reporter: the doctor had taught at stephen son university for the past five years in that time she becamed a beloved figure at the school. 47 yard dr. slattery, a professor and chair of -- 47- year-old dr. slattery was killed in a car crash monday. she was in ohio visiting family when police say tractor-trailer rear ended her ford focus along
6:36 am
with half dozen other cars and trucks. >> community is hard broken, it's a professional of personal loss. she was very well liked and very well respected by so many of us. >> flattery sons, who attend saint josephs and 16-year-old peter who attend cal burt haul both are in critical condition. students calling the school asking if the rumors they're hearing are true. >> when something happens, everybody is kind of affected by it. it's not just one person of particular group. to hear that faculty member passed away, it really hits home because one of our own people. >> she was just a very special person. and it's just a real loss for all of us. >> slattery was known for her beautiful landscaping and the active role she played in her church. >> we hope they'll be able to get them back here. >> reporter: classes start next
6:37 am
week. administrators are planning a vigil for her, but no date has been set yet. >> thank you. >> she was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. new program of aiming to help pit bulls that are often primary victims. the spca has started the program designed to control the population. earlier this week the pit bull was found with half its nose cut off. it's grown in numbers leading to more strays on the streets and abuse. >> if it's a vulnerable bet on the street that doesn't belong to anyone, there's no one looking after the pet that's an easy way to hurt something that's something it's hard to understand the mindset. >> antianimal abuse desk force recommends the saying and neutering of pit bulls, there is a fee. for more information about the
6:38 am
program. syndicated talk show host announced last night she will end her radio show when her contract ends later this year. passenger was recently forced to apologize for saying the n word 11 times to a caller on the air who she accused of being too sensitive to racism. she said she will end the show so she can get her first amendment rights back. listen up, in this morning's consumer watch, 228 million eggs are being recalled for possible salmonella contamination. all the eggs can be traced back to a egg producer in iowa, which have already sickened at least 266 people in california and 7 in minnesota. the eggs were distributed around the country under a couple of names, farm fresh, sunshine, for more information log on to our website. honoring our troupes, the ravens hold a special training camp yesterday. the third annual military
6:39 am
appreciation day. the afternoon class session was opened to members of the armed services and their family. more than 600 personnel showed up getting an up close look at the team. >> it's a real special day. we're real proud of -- all the personnel all across the country and overseas have done for us. we can't thank them enough for what they've done. this is a small token of our appreciation from ravens and ravens fans. >> as far as those wounded birds are concerned, after suffering an arm injury, center mat burke sat out his third straight practice. >> in a match up of last place, the oils took on the mariners, in the top of the 9th inning they back up left fielder hit a three run home run despite a good showing, the o's go on to lose it 4-0.
6:40 am
the kentucky fried chicken attempted to build the biggest bucket of fried chicken. the fast food giant created this 8-foot tall bucket and filled it with over 2,000 pounds of chicken. it was on an attempt to set a world record. the company's 70th anniversary. after the company donated thousands of pieces of chicken to a food bank. >> now at kfc only. >> that was my one craving, we're craving weird things like pickles and peter butt -- peanut butter and stuff. >> original or crispy? >> crispy. >> then i felt guilty afterward and awful. >> it was good. >> it was so good. >> if that didn't set the food police off, this will. check this out. always make some kind of
6:41 am
headline about some kind of food. that's a krispy kreme cheese burger. >> oh, come on. i mean that is like -- that can give you heart burn. >> he puts breakfast meat and egg between french toast, right. >> of course i'm a kfc expert now, right. >> want one of those? >> no,. >> how about just a biscuit? >> oh, that, one of those. i'm not a big doughnut person, i'm more of like a bagel person. >> there you go. >> would you eat that? >> no. >> i'd wolf it down this. >> you'd inhale it. take a look at the radar, it will be --
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>> with a diet coke, right? >> absolutely. we have got soak and rain in the area with flood rain in the effect until about 10:30 this morning they've had an inch and a half of rain over the past hour. that moisture is going to continue pressing north. you're not really seeing a bunch of rain. we're all going do see rain this day. take a look at the first warning weather outlook. go to grab. he's good. he'll real good. the trendy stuff. so you've got to go into college. you go into college what might they want. >> how are you going to contribute to that these days. >> you tae tuned this morning.
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it continues right after this. , narrator: a local entrepreneur had an idea for a new neighborhood business.
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it's 70 degrees on -- easterly breeze. the barometer is at 30.05 with exception of a couple of odd numbers this morning. we've got 75 naval air. temperatures are in the low 70s. we're expecting heavy rain through the day. we really got mashed about the past hour half or so. once again there's a warning in effect until about 10:30 for pg and montgomery county. at times a lot of us are going to see heavy steady rain. it's the remnants of tropical storm, tropical depression no. 5. gave soaking rains to the gulf coast it kind of me anderred here following along the lines of the stalled front it's been draped over the region. high pressure built in, the
6:47 am
weather clears out, pretty good weekend coming up. 80 degrees going to be the high this state. i think it stays for many of us. over night cloudy 64, flow clearing tomorrow with a high of 84. 91, 81, 86. partly sunny, 86 on monday. >> thank you and let's check in with traffic. >> definitely a morning to give yourself extra time. lot of accidents to get in your way. this one is still there. it's southbound lanes at kate avenue on access lane to the ramp to kate avenue. just clearing of accident on southbound lanes of the day. we also still have an accident on 895, another one 95 passed 100 blocking 100. and then at on northern parkway, that has caused traffic lights to be out in the area. four more accidents in the city that will last more -- east
6:48 am
north avenue at north jay and west at south mlk and water main brakes that have roads shutdown. here is a look at your drive times on your speeds. satellite tourists provided by the daily lounge. >> reporter: live from this dorm room in the daily lounge dormitory itself, welcome become to the show, how is it going. >> thanks for having me back on. i wish my dorm room had looked one third as good of this.
6:49 am
we're talking back to school. some significant stuff out. we've seen how high-tech it's really more its way in the user friendly school stuff. what is that for. >> i mean, some things, you don't consider back to school tools, again, i'm talking about older schools, cell phone, got to have one now and they're actually tool used for school, blackberry bold, great phone, it can record lectures and with the data documents to go feature you can actually edit things like power points spreadsheets right on the phone. it's got a full keyboard, optical, track pad. it's a world phone if your sun or daughter is lucky to backpack. you can get it for $130 with a two year contract. so it's also, you know, they've
6:50 am
lowered their price i'm sure they're working on a another version as well. it's a solid piece of women -- piece of equipment. >> it's more nuts and bolts. >> it's really solid. i think that's one of the strength, for students that's really porn as well. well, laptops you can't talk about -- the ones i have here from sewnny. this is vaoi series, you actually act personal hot pot. using the share my connection feature, you page for a wi-fi connection. you can share that connection with five other devices or five ore people for free. which is kind of nice. bethe way it's 1.2 inches thin. it's got the energy efficiency features toyota. now the vaoi has a enbell
6:51 am
wirelessly project content from your pc right into enabled tv. both of these pcs have all the bells an whistles the students want. you'll see the second, it's got this caribbean -- you know the core low? >> not to interrupt you but i always do and i love you. you know something, you can download lectures on a lot of school websites, you're telling me you can put that lecture on the tv and revisit the professor telling you that information. >> absolutely. you can take anything and project it from your pc to enabled tv. and one feature i didn't mention that i think parents are going to like, both of these computers these are top of the line laptops are under $800. it's got a great price point for parents adds well. >> when you have these really great computers, you've got to make sure you keep them around, these things are notorious for
6:52 am
being stolen. this is downloadable software. the new premium version let's you remotely freeze your computer and delete files. you can go on their website and check out the calculator. so it's not just $800 you pay for it, but it's also the software, music and whatnot. finally take a look at this. this is from sharper image. this is a new video. this is one of those video cameras, holds 60 minutes of video, what's amazing about it -- this is under$50 at bed bath beyond. by the way, bed bath beyond are the folks that designed my beautiful dorm room here, i kind of like -- i feel like staying here. >> let me tell you something, you know, you always bring a lot to the table. you've got the daily lounge on the website up. i'm going to tell you something
6:53 am
about lojack, i recently had a car stolen, we found it two days later. the combined auto theft task force, the four officers that were involved all looked at me and said if you would have had low jack we would have had that in ten minutes. what does that tell you about low yakking? >> it's so important. it's a slightly different technology it's so important because it's not only the $800 that you pay for the laptop in this case, it's the music you've paid for, all that stuff, you want to get it recovered that's the way to do it. it's a nonlittle coster. it's definitely worth it's specially when kids go away to college. >> well done. >> we're talking again next time on the bird. this it is, daily we can't recommend it enough. >> thank you. >> enjoy the summer and give my
6:54 am
best to john. >> we're coming right back. please stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast calls for a high today. now with sharon with traffic control. >> reporter: we still have that accident 95 in the southbound lanes between kate avenue. two new ones on 83 one in the southbound lane that's passed belk, another one in the past russian ton road. there is a lye look at your delays on the west side. traffic sports brought to you by the cochran firm. if you suffered personal injury, please call. jessica, back over to you. thank you. complete news rest and traffic still ahead. plus more on the verdict we'll hear exclusively from the former governor's attorney. news and weather ,,,,
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